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Our fully furnished suites are always in high demand. The suites offer all the comforts of home but with the amenities of a hotel. With only 6 units, they are frequently booked weeks in advanced. We recommend that you call in advance to book your suite.

Fully Furnished Suites

The suites are separate from the other rooms providing privacy for the extended stay guest. Each suite has a living room with a very comfortable couch, side chairs, dining table and a TV with remote control where you can unwind after a hard days work.

The bedrooms are equipped with a large king bed as well as all the furniture you would expect in your own bedroom. There is also a closet attached to the the room.

The kitchen comes equipped with a stove, a fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher. Included are plates, pots and pans for your connivence.

A concrete porch in the rear provide a quick and relaxing escape.

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Suite Details

Only 6 Suites

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Living Room

  1. Large area with lots of space

  2. Very comfortable couch

  3. Chairs for additional guests

  4. Dining table with chairs

  5. TV with Remote Control


  1. Large King Size Bed

  2. TV with Remote Control

  3. Closet

  4. Dresser with Mirror


  1. Stove, Microwave and Fridge

  2. Pots, Pans and Dishwasher


  1. Large bathroom with tub

  2. Vanity mirror with lights


  1. Concrete porch in the rear

  2. Quiet and private